Kitten Kollege

Kitten Kollege is an innovative new campaign for WHISKAS®, created by AMV BBDO in a unique collaboration with Google and Mediacom. The YouTube channel hosts creative content designed for mobile with the aim of entertaining and educating current and prospective kitten owners. The content has been developed with College Humour - experts in online comedy who managed the production and post-production.

Developed to share WHISKAS® expert knowledge of how to raise a kitten, Kitten Kollege juxtaposes the earnestness of promotional university films with charming kitten chaos, helping WHISKAS® to become an online reference for kitten care.

This is a pioneering project for WHISKAS® in a number of ways. The digital-led campaign is a result of a new approach in the brand’s communication strategy, which is beginning to focus on mobile as a way of connecting with consumers.

Caring for cats of all sizes is what WHISKAS® is known for, and it is now able to share this knowledge even more widely and in a way that will really engage people. As kittens are a key element for category growth, it’s vital to continue to show the joy and pleasure they can bring.

Kitten Kollege welcomes kitten owners to learn more about kitten care in the cutest possible way. In a series of online tutorials, designed to be both educational and entertaining, a charming class of kittens and their tutors will help to answer the questions search insights have shown are most commonly asked by kitten owners (and prospective ones).

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