AMV BBDO has created a new brand platform for TENA Men which launched with the support of an online film, TV and Twitter campaign.

The “Keep Control” platform aims to increase awareness of TENA Men – products specifically designed to help men deal with urine leakage.
It’s not an easy subject to talk about, as for most men the very idea of wearing a product in their pants makes them feel less manly. Even those who get as far as doing something about it prefer to stuff tissues down there instead. It’s a subject they’d rather not think about.

So the campaign uses humour to take the seriousness and stigma out of the issue. To show that using a urine leakage product doesn’t mean you’re less of a man. Instead of feeling helpless and vulnerable to urine leakage, TENA Men helps you to man-up and regain control of the situation.

The TENA Men ‘Keep Control’ campaign features a character called Stirling Gravitas. He’s a guy who is in control of every aspect of his life; his masseuse, his pet lion, even the laws of physics. And his advice to men with urine leakage is to keep control with TENA Men.

In a series of films we see Stirling in control of his own life, and telling men how to take control of their urine leakage – including lifestyle hints and tips and exercises they can try. He also has a Twitter feed where he provides musings, advice and worldly observations from a man of a certain age. Follow him @S_Gravitas.

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