Smart Energy GB

Gaz & Leccy Viral Stunt

Viral film shows shocked cinemagoers experiencing Gaz & Leccy out of control

An unsuspecting cinema audience, expecting to see an advance screening of Paranormal Activity 4, instead got the shock of their lives as two cheeky characters, Gaz & Leccy, came to “life” and caused havoc in London’s West End.

Gaz & Leccy bring to life the current experience of buying and using gas and electricity in our homes. Like a couple of naughty children, they run around out of control – and can be brought under control with a smart meter.

Smart meters will be installed in every home and microbusiness between now and 2020. They bring an end to estimated energy bills and show us in pounds and pence what we’re spending. Smart Energy GB is the national campaign for the smart meter rollout.

The film, created by AMV BBDO, brings to life the Gaz & Leccy characters who have already been resonating with consumers around the country in social media, regional radio and out-of-home. They are designed to engage consumers with the new technology which will be coming to every home, and with the concept of bringing Gaz & Leccy under control with a smart meter.

As part of the production, this was the first time Dolby Atmos sound technology has been used as part of a fully immersive, 4D live experience.

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