Smart Energy GB


AMV BBDO has created a campaign for Smart Energy GB that is running on national TV and online. The films have been running on VOD, and have now launching on TV on 2nd May, culminating in a 2 minute ‘Supermarket’ film that will run in the Britain’s Got Talent’s final ad break, accompanied by a social competition called the ‘Estimation Game’ that will run on Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign sets up the problem that the energy industry is broken and the notion of estimated bills is nuts – we don’t estimate our shopping bills when you go to the supermarket, so why do we estimate our energy bills.

The films brings to life the idea ‘Why estimate when you can be accurate?’ through a suite of humorous and attention grabbing films that highlight the absurdity of estimated bills. The ‘Estimation Game’ will aim to amplify the ‘Supermarket’ film across social channels, driving social conversation and engagement with #WhyEstimate around the time of the film airing on the Britain’s Got Talent final ad break.

Each film (‘Doctor’, ‘Runner’, ‘Bride’, and ‘Sat Nav’) begins with what appears to be a fairly normal everyday scene – from a GP seeing a patient to a bridal dress fitting about to take place – each containing an antagonist from whom the participants would usually be expecting accurate information to be provided. As the films progress though, there are signs that these normally reliable characters are only interested in completing their duties by providing estimated information. Based on excellent comic timing and some brilliant character acting they highlight the ridiculous nature of estimation, especially when it comes to our energy bills, by all ending with the line ‘Why estimate when you can be accurate?’, ‘Smart meters are coming. An end to estimated energy bills.’

The video for the ‘Estimation Game’ social competition will be a short 20 second piece of content designed for social channels offering the chance to win £1000 of groceries. It shows a conveyer belt with a combination of fake unbranded products and fruit and veg in super-quick time and the aim is to make a ridiculous attempt at estimating their worth by simply tweeting a £ and p answer including #WhyEstimate for Twitter or writing a £ and p answer as a comment below for Facebook.

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