Smart Energy GB


In Britain, customers still receive estimated energy bills from their suppliers instead of accurate ones, due to outdated gas and electricity meters. By 2020, every home will be offered a smart meter, so we’ll be able to see exactly how much we’re spending in pounds and pence.

Smart Energy GB’s role is to raise awareness and understanding of the smart meter rollout, and encourage everyone in Britain to have them installed. However, in a low interest category, most people don’t even question the antiquated system.

To highlight the ludicrousness of estimated bills, we decided to draw parallels with other areas of life where people are used to accuracy.

For our first film, which has been released online, we took over a British supermarket, installed hidden cameras and planted comedy actors at the till. When unsuspecting shoppers reached the checkout, they were asked to pay an “estimated” total for their items, instead of getting an accurately calculated receipt.
This provoked reactions ranging from laughter, to bafflement, to outrage.

Inspired by its success, seven new films will soon be released online, bringing the idea to life in new and hilarious ways: from a marathon runner being given an estimated race time; a doctor estimating a patient’s blood pressure; a bride being measured up for her wedding dress; an architect estimating how to build a new house; a Sat Nav giving a driver estimated directions, and a Darts tournament with estimated scores.

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