Museum of Childhood

Mind of a Child, Eye of an Artist

A team of illustrators made their way to the V&A Museum of Childhood for the London Design Festival. On this day, the illustrators gathered briefs and ideas from the children who were present – working to the theme of ‘Draw Tomorrow’.

CIA then distributed these ideas to their artists who brought them to life. The artists, including the pioneer of 'Pop Art' Sir Peter Blake, worked on the children’s ideas either in their own studios, or during a live event. On Saturday 12th October, more than 30 artists who had been pre-briefed displayed their work at the V&A Museum of Childhood. At the same time, a further 10 or so artists worked with a lucky group of children and brought their imaginations to life, on paper, in front of an assembled audience. A further space at the V&A Museum of Childhood was then dedicated to art activities where other children could be inspired to explore the theme.

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