Mercedes-Benz Approved Used has always been a fantastic way to get an incredible car for a great deal. But it’s not something that features enough in buyers’ consideration sets. Partly this is awareness, but there is also a perception around used cars in general that although they’re good value, you don’t get the “good stuff”. Buyers rightly imagine you get older models, 5-10 years old, a solid, workaday car, rather than something new and exciting like the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

This year Mercedes-Benz Approved Used will have an incredible range of the latest models, as all the great cars it has released in the last 5 years are now available at volume- from the new A-Class to the CLS. The comms strategy was to show that this means Mercedes-Benz Approved Used challenges this perception around Used cars, therefore telling people that with the brand, the value of buying used doesn’t mean a compromise on ‘cool’.

The idea was to dramatize the perception of ‘used’ and all the disappointment and compromise it entails in all aspects of life. This allows us to show Mercedes-Benz Approved Used as the exception to the rule. The ad does this by telling the story of Jack, boy who as the runt of the family has always received hand-me-downs- the boy who only gets his sister’s old discman, when she gets her Minidisc player. It is only at the end as he picks up the keys to an Approved Used A-Class, that he realises not all used things have to be disappointing.

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