Celebrating those who take life by the horns in extraordinary ways, this new film is the latest installment in MARS®’ ‘Winning’ campaign. It follows on from the popular ‘Pan-flutes’ advert which aired earlier this year.

Backed by media spend of £2m, the latest advert will air on UK screens throughout January and will be supported by presence on digital, including promotion on YouTube.

The new advert opens on our hero, Alan, comfortably working from his living room one morning. Suddenly, he receives a call from his boss. Leaping up from the sofa, a panicked Alan looks at the clock which shows he has only 20 minutes to get into work. Without skipping a beat, he changes into his cycling gear, only to discover that his bike has a flat tyre.

Realising the only option is to ride his daughter’s pink bike - complete with tassels and flower basket - Alan takes to the streets, weaving in and out of stationary traffic, jumping obstacles and dodging parked vans. As he gets closer to work, impressed onlookers begin to cheer him on with shouts of encouragement. Arriving at the office with two minutes to spare, Alan has just enough time to enjoy his reward – a well-earned MARS® bar.

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