Rugby – Gareth Thomas

New films tell the uplifting stories of Wales legend, Gareth Thomas, and former South Africa winger, Ashwin Willemse, and how their teammates were there for them when they needed them most.

With the eyes of the world turning to England for seven weeks of sporting history, GUINNESS has launched a brand new campaign, celebrating stories of strength of character and integrity from the world of rugby. Rather than focus on physical attributes of what makes a rugby player, this campaign looks to inner qualities like courage, empathy and self-belief.

Gareth Thomas: From Darkness To Light tells the story of how the former Wales captain’s greatest fear wasn’t the opposition he faced on the pitch, but the fear of rejection from everything he had known, because of his sexuality. The film celebrates the courage of Gareth, and most importantly, the empathy shown by his teammates when he came out, showing that even when he felt he was on his own and at his lowest point, he was always part of a team.

Along with the two adverts, GUINNESS is also releasing two short documentaries, which dive deeper into the detail about Gareth and Ashwin’s stories. The two moving short films shine a light on the events covered in the adverts, providing additional insight from the subjects on the challenging circumstances they faced, and the incredible support they received from their teammates.

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