For the Bold

AMV BBDO has created a TV and digital campaign for Doritos which launched in the UK on 20th March and roll out globally across the year. The campaign brings to life the ‘For the Bold’ positioning, showing the amazing times friends can have when they make a single, but very bold, move.

The creative sees three young men land at an airport as they start their holiday. They are beckoned over by a smartly dressed chauffeur as if he knows who they are. They decide to make a bold decision, take his invitation and, after having enjoyed a journey in the limo, find themselves at an amazing villa full of people partying.

We cut to a pool party taking place outside, full of the coolest people on the planet! There’s a DJ, dancers, a fire breather, fancy dress everywhere and even a mermaid swimming around. One of the guys dive-bombs into the pool as we see they’ve made themselves right at home. We cut to them sat in matching leopard print swimming trunks on the edge of the pool doing co-ordinated dance moves and having the time of their lives.

The guys then spot a man talking sternly to the chauffeur responsible for bringing them to this insane fiesta. They have a moment of realisation - it is his party! In an attempt to make a swift exit the guys run straight into the party’s host and we see he’s the spitting image of our main guy – the chauffeur picked up the wrong person!

We finish with the limo dropping the boys off at a busy bus stop, still in their swimming trunks with only their bag of Doritos to cover their modesty.

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