Helpful Hazards

AMV BBDO turns potential hazards into helpful hazards in their latest work for the Department for Transport’s THINK! campaign.

The stunt aims to get drivers to realise there are unexpected hazards behind blind bends and that they need to brake before the bend, not on it.

THINK! partnered with a farmer to spray paint safety messages onto sheep, cows, tractors and lorries so people driving through the countryside would take notice and rethink their behaviour.

THINK! is galvanising the countryside to stand up for safer roads, using its own voice to save lives. No one can see around corners, and this campaign aims to get drivers to prepare for the unpredictable nature of country roads, to think about the hazards that might be around the corner, and brake before the bend. Phil Vickery, former England rugby player and countryside resident has also got behind the campaign by using the same stencils to spray paint his horse, helping to spread the message and warn other drivers of the dangers on country roads.

The tone of the film is quite different for a road safety ad; rather than use shock tactics to scare people into changing their behaviour, THINK! has chosen to use charm and humour to communicate the key message. The hazards will then act as triggers to drivers when they pass them in the countryside, reminding them to think about how they should avoid hazards hidden by blind bends: by braking before the bend, not on it.

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