Currys PC World

Tech Meets Life

Technology is something which often inspires dreams. The dream of a beautiful telly, with immense surround sound, so that it feels like you’re in the stadium when you’re watching your team. Or the dream of an oven that works wonders and makes you king of the dinner party circuit. But the fact of the matter is that for half of the time, it’ll be your kids enjoying that TV. And for the most part, the oven won’t be being used for grand creations, but for every day stuff. Currys PC World understand the many faces of your life, all of which positive, just sometimes very different.

These three humorous 40s spots dramatize this point and what happens when a tech dream meets real life. Like Neil, our die-hard metal fan in his mid-forties, whose shiny new Sonos speaker system is pushed to its limit blaring ‘The Birdey Song’ for a game of pass-the-parcel, at his 6 year olds birthday party.

Or middle-aged Rob, whose newly installed oven sparks a fantasy where disbelieving students watch in awe, as he creates a culinary masterpiece with ease. He snaps back to reality and asks his son what he’d like for dinner, in hope of an opportunity to test out his new oven. “Nuggets” comes the reply.

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