House Party

We were tasked with telling the nation that BT Sport was the new home of the UEFA Champions League, a competition which since its inception had been broadcast on both terrestrial and rival pat-TV broadcasters.

To celebrate this, we decided to throw a party.
The television ad pays homage to the glitz, glamour and spectacle of the tournament and features an array of British talent, tournament legends and players from some of the greatest teams around the world, including thirteen Champions League winners who have sixteen trophies between them.

However, unlike other football ads, BT Sport’s ‘House Party’ places football royalty in scenarios you would never have expected to see them. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain rides around an atrium on a chaise longue, Rio Ferdinand and Didier Drogba go head-to-head in an epic arm wrestle, the stars of Bayern Munich play head tennis around a banquet table and David Luiz goes for an underwater dip in a full tuxedo.

It was a party that any fan of the UEFA Champions League would want to be at.

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