BT Sport home of European Football

To celebrate that BT Sport is the new home of European football, the ‘BT clients’ have turned up at Jose Mourinho’s “new home” for the latest BT Sport ad. Whilst Jose believes he’s simply announcing BT’s rights messaging to camera, the clients reveal that there’s a little more to it…

This is the first of a series of films featuring footballing royalty who have joined the BT Sport team to announce the broadcaster’s latest European rights.

Online, audiences can watch the BT team as they visit three Arsenal players (Ozil, Giroud and Arteta) at their Colney Hatch training ground to discuss BT Sport’s exclusive rights to the Champions League next season. Each player is invited into the changing room to deliver their lines to camera. Little do they know of BT’s ambush. Each time the footballers get an unusual surprise when they say “European football”.

In our second online film our BT clients have hit the road, joining international talent behind the scenes of various shoots. Gareth Bale, Didier Drogba and David Luiz each agree to recite our launch message to camera, none of them aware of the Champions League ballyhoo that awaits them as they say “European football”.

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