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Creative Review makes AMV BBDO agency of the year 2014

Each year, Creative Review bring out their Annual which showcases the most outstanding work in visual communications over the last 12 months, as selected by their Jury. Individual work of special merit is recognised in their Best in Book and in addition the Editorial team choose their Ad Agency of the Year. This year, it is AMV BBDO and this is what they had to say about us:

Does it still make any sense to talk of ‘digital’ in advertising as a separate medium or discipline? The work selected from this year’s Annual really brings home the fact that all advertising is now digital in some way. Ten years ago, so-called ‘traditional’ agencies were being warned that their days were numbered. These dinosaurs would soon be extinct, we were told, as a new breed of digital agency took over. Well, our Agency of the Year for 2014 shows just how wrong this prediction turned out to be. Abbott Mead Vickers, as was, made its reputation with beautifully crafted print and TV campaigns for the likes of The Economist, Guinness and Volvo which relied on brilliant copywriting and art direction. But it has wholeheartedly embraced the potential of the new platforms available to agencies today. The work from the agency featured in this year’s Annual includes a Twitter-based campaign for Snickers and Sainsbury’s brilliant crowdsourced Christmas in a Day documentary, as well as a very traditional commercial for dog food. So congratulations to AMV BBDO, proof that what matters are great ideas, brilliantly executed, using the most appropriate platform. In Annual: April – Snickers Google June – Cesar Journey November – Sainsbury’s CIAD December – DfT Morning After