Jessica Langdell


AMV launches 'AMV Red' with Stretton

AMV BBDO is launching a specialist retail response unit called AMV RED, and has hired the former founder of the direct hot shop AIS, Steve Stretton, as its Creative Partner. AMV RED will lead the retail outputs of various AMV clients such as BT, Sainsbury’s, Mercedes and Dixons, working with an established and talented creative group.

Steve has spent 33 years in advertising across London, San Francisco and Auckland where he has won awards across all disciplines, including advertising, direct-marketing, sales promotion and digital. He was one of the 3 partners who built the highly successful direct agency AIS (Archibald Ingall Stretton), with offices in London, New York, Barcelona and Madrid. Steve featured in Campaign's top-ten Direct Creative Director's for ten years running. Ian Pearman, Chief Executive at AMV BBDO, comments: “As every media channel now has the capacity to create as much conversion as consideration, it's essential that we have best-in-class skills to maximise that conversion. AMV RED combines specialist creative, planning, analytics, search and production smarts to do just that, and Steve is the best guy in the industry to run it”. Steve Stretton, Creative Partner at AMV RED, adds: “After 13 years of helping to run AIS, the idea of feeling at home in another business seemed like an impossibility. But the belief in creativity plus the ethos and attitude of the people here has been a breath of fresh air. I'm proud to be associated with AMV BBDO and everything it stands for”.